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When booking with FPC Live, you will get:

Venues people want to be seen at 

Showcase your own tastemaking abilities, by choosing a venue that has already proven itself capable of hosting high end artists and events. We guarantee your attendees will get excited to attend as soon as they see the invitation. 

Guests that stay until the end 

Guests are often looking for any excuse to duck out early. But with excellent crowd management abilities, great acoustics, and layouts that cater to comfort, our venues have all the pieces in place to provide a seamless attendee experience from entry to exit. 

A place where folks can feel like themselves 

Our venues are interesting, unique and historical but never fussy. We invite event hosts and their guests to come as they are, enjoy the experience, and even build on potential memories you’ve already made here. 

Exceptional event production 

Not only do we provide the experience, we create the experience. High quality sound, light, and experiential production is the rule. Always. 

Our Madison Venues

FPC Live operates and manages four venues in Madison, WI:

The Sylvee (est. 2018) —  25 South Livingston Street, Madison, WI

High Noon Saloon (est. 2004) — 
701 E. Washington Avenue, Madison, WI

Orpheum Theater (est. 1927) — 216 State Street, Madison, WI

Majestic Theatre (est. 1906) — 115 King Street, Madison, WI

Each venue is a host to national touring artists, local musical artists, community events, and private rentals.

About FPC Live

FPC Live (Frank Productions Concerts) is a full-service concert promotion company. We’re involved in – and passionate about – every facet of live events, including production, logistics, ticketing, marketing, sponsorships, beverage operations and merchandising. We produce and promote live entertainment events in arenas, amphitheaters, performing arts centers, clubs, and various venues across the country. 

Events That Engage

FPC understands that events are not about the venue, but about the people. Without great production, excellent crowd management, and a seamless flow, guests will not be able to fully enjoy themselves. By creating memorable experiences, we help event organizers build a sense of excitement and anticipation among their attendees. Guests will not only want to attend an event, but they will also want to attend because they know what to expect at our signature venues.