How much is it to rent your venue for my event? +

Wish there was a straightforward answer here? Us too. Here are factors: 

  1. Because we are concert venues, our pricing fluctuates seasonally based on the concert season. Our lowest venue rental rates are in the summer months and over the holiday season, when we have the fewest concerts to compete with dates on. Our highest venue rental rates are in the fall because that’s also the most popular time for bands to tour. Spring comes in middle of the pack.
  2. We operate the bars within our venues, and in doing such, know how to throw one hell of a party. For those that are planning to have a bar with their event, we offer a tiered pricing system that lowers your room rental rate the more that is spent in bar service ($ that you would’ve spent anyways, so typically more bang for your buck).
  3. Rental rates and bar minimums for each venue are set directly based on the appropriate amount of people that fit comfortably in the room. High Noon Saloon pricing is going to be more appropriate for a group of 50 – 200, while Sylvee pricing is going to fit better for a group of 300+.
  4. If your event is coming up with a quick turnaround time there’s potential for us to offer more specialty pricing – we’ll have a clearer handle on open dates and love to see our lights on and rooms full on as much as we can! 

And finally, we love discussing ALL possibilities. This includes small events, hourly daytime needs, stage dinners, personalized marquees, photo shoots, and anything else you can think of. For these types of things we usually offer custom pricing more appropriate to the group size and ask. 

We are here and ready to correspond with you quickly to get you all the information you need to make your decision! 

Is your venue available for my date? +

Probably! Because we have four amazing concert venues to offer that all provide the same level of exceptional experience, we can nearly always find something that works for the vibe you’re going for. 

We’re unique in that we need to factor in the dates we’re trying to bring your favorite artists to town. We don’t have a nice clean calendar that shows availability but are ready to correspond with you quickly to determine how we can fit you both in seamlessly. 

Once your event date is booked with a contract and deposit, you’re the one and only star! You’ll never need to worry about sharing with someone else or getting bumped for a show. 

What’s included with venue rental? +

At minimum – exclusive use of the venue (including backstage and green room spaces), appropriate day-of staffing, full-service bar, and all built-in sound and tech (along with a tech manager to operate). Most venues have tables and chairs, built-in projectors, and customizable marquees as well

How does food and beverage work? +

We have an open catering list and you are allowed to work with whomever you want on food as long as they are licensed. For some guidance, we have a list of preferred caterers we love to work with, and we know you would too. To make things easier, we’d even be happy to coordinate simple catering needs on your behalf for a full-service experience. 

As mentioned, we know how to throw one hell of a party. Whether you want to offer hosted beverages, drink tickets, or cash bar, we can be pretty versatile in how you want to set things up. Drink options are ample and we’re always willing to work on a more customized menu and service level with appropriate notice. Our preferred wine vendor is Delicato Family Wines and Wollersheim Wines. 

Do you have any other required vendors? +

If you’re doing any specialty tech or live music upgrades, you may work with one of our required production or labor partners. This varies by venue and event needs and we’d be able to share up front what that could look like. 

We have several local hotel partners that offer specialty room rates for booking at our venues. You may see these here. 

Other than that, we do not have any required vendors. However, we do have a list of preferred vendors that we love to work with, and we know you would too. The logistics can be tricky, and it’s helpful to have a team in place we can both trust. 

Can the venue be customized or decorated according to the event theme? +

Always. Our venues are the perfect location for brand launches, corporate events, galas, and anyone else looking to activate their theme. We go big for all our shows – why wouldn’t we do the same for you? Lots of built in truss, tech, and lighting elements sets the perfect stage for dramatic effect. 

Due to how the rooms are regularly used, there’s not too much décor-wise that scares us. If you have questions or concerns about what may or may not be allowed, just run it by us and we’ll be ready to figure out how to make something work. 

We love to be a part of the brainstorm for events like these, providing insight on all the potential of what the room can do for you, and offering creative design for a full-service experience. 

Can you help me secure bands, comedians, and other types of entertainment for my event? +

We’re always happy to have this discussion and have worked with several clients in the past to secure national acts for their event. Our talent buying team usually starts the conversation by providing insight on realistic budgets and names to consider that could be a fit for your event vision. 

Whether secured through us or by another source, our venues and team are built ready to host high-level talent day-in and day-out. Why would you trust anyone else? 

Can we schedule a site visit before making a decision? +

We’d love to have you! Please get in touch via our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away to get the ball rolling. 

Do you offer add-on design or coordination services? +

We are excited to have recently welcomed local event planning business, HUE by Sarah Davidson, into our FPC family! With this we are now offering custom design and coordination services on a per request basis. Please inquire with your event manager to learn more.

Events That Engage, Parties That Rock

At FPC, our venues are never the star of the show, the people are! We help event organizers build the same sense of excitement and anticipation among their attendees that fans feel to see the world-class artists that grace our stage. A great event has guests wanting to attend, not guests having to attend.